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At Fullboar we take pride in our projects and ongoing developments within the gaming industry,
At Fullboar we would like to share with you some of our developments within Bradford
and also our interlinking project with Shenzhen.

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Experience VR project

Experience is a joint project with Bradford College, Shenzhen institute of technology and FullBoar developing a virtual reality simulation with a positive environmental message. The simulation features a number of virtual environments the player experiences while collecting life saving elements for the life tree. The player receives rewards of simulation time in idyllic settings.

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Space Ace

Space Ace is a board game concept we are currently developing with 2 to 8 players set in space involving combat, deceit , smuggling and pirates. The board is a tile based system meaning each game will be different. We have currently developed an app for use with the boardgame to track players stats and cards in play.

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Diggs’ Big Adventure

Diggs the boar is FullBoars' Mascot and his first outing is currently in development. DBA is a classic styled side scrolling action adventure game that sees Diggs explore the world around him on a quest to find truffles.

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Endless oppertunities with Fullboar from degree to career
Project LUDUS 49

Project ludus 49 is FullBoars Largest and longest running project and is still rumbling through development despite rumours it may have been shelved. Ludus 49 is still going strong!

Games Router

FullBoar have taken on the development of a new digital distribution network its eagerly awaited platform GamesRouter. GamesRouter is a digital distrobution and news portal aimed at gamers.

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New Project IP

FullBoar is pleased to be working on a new project with great potential to be a commercial sucess look out for news on our latest development venture. A quick hat tip to our newest members.