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Here at FullBoar we utilise cutting edge software and hardware to develop interesting and
entertaining products. We are currently developing software with the latest Virtual
and augmented reality technologies in mind.

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3D Printing

At Fullboar we have many facilities, one of those includes a state of the art 3D printer , we are willing to design 3D objects for you such as badges and other solid items that can be modelled in Autodesk Maya 2016 then printer to the client's needs.

Oculas Rift

At Fullboar the latest state of the art technology matter, this is why at fullboar we present to you the home of the oculus rift, where games are brought to life and made into a reality, become one with the game .

Gaming Technologies

We dont just design games, we go through the entire project development lifecycle to create the game, from system requirements, implementation all the way to maintainace, including building assets to designing landscapes in unreal engine.

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